Колко мъка имa по тоя свят тая финансова криза

Ето какво дойде днес по пощата – направо се просълзих, каква драма просто:

Dear Kaloyan Tsvetkov,


First of all, thank you very much for even considering shopping with us.

Life is never easy. And it is getting ever more difficult considering the current economic outlook. Given that, it makes perfect sense for you, as my highly valued consumer, to always receive the lowest price possible on the product you so desire. Just like you, I am a hard working dad who works 16 hours a day to ensure that you get the lowest price you want on the product you so desire, weekly update on my inventory, fastest turnaround time, and
speediest reply to all of your concerns, be them major or minor.

So, please be kind to me, especially when we all work under the new eBay system.

The new eBay system demands that I, as a seller, always receive 5 STARS on every transaction I am honored to help you with. Anything less than 5 STARS means I may be kicked out of eBay and losing my job and financial means to raise my family. So please help me help you receive the best service for the excellent product at the lowest price by trying to understand just how important your positive feedback means to a hard working father who is sitting on the other end of the web.

Should you have any concern, yes, I mean any concern, (I am more than glad to help the customer to be satisfied with his or her purchase) please, please take a brief moment and write me an email BEFORE you even think of leaving anything less than a 5 STAR comment. I am very grateful for your generous help and kind understanding. (FYI: under the new system, anything under 4 stars is FAILING this is something eBay never tell a customer and it’s a trick to us)

The start rating is no long just comment, you could have kill a good man. So, please help, don’t kill a good father and a good family.

See your purchased item link below, take a moment, support a good dad to make a living by leaving 5 STARS.

Again, this is a dead or alive situation. i beg you, please help!

This is live or dead situation.

Потмнените неща са от мен, за да очертая „интересните“ моменти. По принцип съм винаги любезен, и до сега не е имало проблем с търговци, и интересно какво е провокирало този образ да прати такова писмо.

5 мнения за “Колко мъка имa по тоя свят тая финансова криза…”

  1. Абе аз знам, че от eBay/PayPal се държат като фашисти, ама чак толкова ли се е стесирал този човечец

  2. Сигурен съм, защото съм пазарувал от него. После, какъв ще е този спам, който ще иска от мен да му гласувам петица в eBay ;)

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