От днес спира поддръжката за PHP 4. Днес има много постове за това (а и ще има сигурно още). На мен ми хареса най-много това на Дерик Ретанс:

Now, more than 3 years after the last major PHP 4 release, it is time to die down. With hardly any support for OO, sub-standard XML support and generally lots of other suckyness as well, it’s time to focus on the future: PHP 6. So please die PHP 4 – and quickly. Today, August 7th, 2008 is the last release of PHP 4 – PHP 4.4.9. After today there will be no more PHP 4 releases, regardless of whether there are security issues found in PHP 4. It’s time to upgrade now.

Ами, хайде ;)

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