PHP умря, да живее PHP

Ето днес ще пиша отново за PHP, и отново ще цитирам класик – Дерик Ретанс:

PHP est mort, vive PHP [ Friday, 13th of July, 2007 – 10:18 – Skien, Norway ]

Дерик Ретанс | Derick Rethans On April 1st I already wrote about the end of life of PHP 4 – more as a joke than a real statement. It was April 1st after all. However, after a little discussion on the PHP Internals mailing list the development team actually reached consensus in quite an amazing time. So now it is official – support for PHP 4 will be dropped by the end of the year. That means there are 172 days left to convert your applications to PHP 5 – good luck!

Ами, да се поздравим със втората добра новина днес.

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