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This plugin is designed to add links to posts for a predefined list of keywords. It is primary utilized as a SEO tool, so you can use your WordPress-powered blog to boost the SEO rankings of other websites, which you link through the keywords.



  1. Download the installation archive and uncompress
  2. Upload the unarchived folder to your plugins directory (this is wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress administration panel (this is the Plugins page)
  4. Configure the plugin from the Options page in the WordPress administration panel (look for the „BL“ page)
  5. That’s it ;)


Coming soon …

Coming Soon

OK, here’s the wish list with the future features:

  • store the keyword-link pairs in a separate table, and not as a serialized array in the options
  • add some JavaScript love to it to make it more dynamic … adding one link at a time makes it quite stiff


  • (March 21, 2008) The first version 0.1 is officially out!

    Although developed several months ago, I never had the time to release this plugin „officially“. Today a nice gentleman called Shaun Connell asked for such a plugin on the wp-pro mailing list, and I decided to help him. So thanks to Shaun the Batch Links plugin is officially released!


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17 мнения за “Batch Links WordPress Plugin Homepage”

  1. Nice plugin! Thanks!

    Baron probaby thought that it can only use two keyword-to-link entries (as initially you have two empty&waiting lines in the config). Of course this is not the case, if you fill all lines, you will get next one after save.

    I would like to ask for a feature! :)
    Would it be a problem to change one_key-to-one_link relation to many_keys-to-one_link relation? Example:
    „house,houses,buildings,constuction,Bob The Builder“=>““

    now I would have to do separate entry for each keyword…


    I didnt read the lincense, can I change it on my own? :)

  2. Just one thing

    In the sentence:

    This is my house.

    „house.“ is not recognized as „house“.

    Would it be effort to add checkbox option:

    „Treat dots (and whatever) as white character?“

  3. @Pitero, the license for WordPress is GPL, so everything that works with it must be GPL-compatible ;) This means that you can do whatever you want with the plugin, although I’ll be glad if you share the modifications that you did on it.

  4. Ohh yes, I forgot about WP licence :)

    So, if I find time to add anything, I will let you know :)

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
    I would like to ask something:
    How do I add links to the link list.
    After installation there are only 2 that I can add.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the plugin.
    2 questions:
    1. I’ve noticed that sometimes if I set the links after a page was already active, the pluging doesn’t affect that page.
    2. In some cases I don’t want a certain word on a certain page to be an active link.

    Is there a place to control these kinds of things?

    Thanks again.

  7. Really like this plugin, it’s the kind of Wiki-like auto-link-tagging function I really need because I frequently like to make sure I link at least once to any specific person or app developers I reference in my posts. One question though: in the settings, let’s say I want certain keywords to always auto-link to the given site. I can list keyword in the appropriate field and the URL for it in that field, but in the keyword section, could I just put a list of the keywords I always want to go back to the same URL (for example, if I write about a friend of mine named Lucy Snyder, could I list for example keywords „Lucy Snyder“ AND just „Lucy,“ maybe separated by a comma for each unique keyword or keyword string, so that I can just enter all the keywords I want pointed to the same URL?

  8. Hi! Thank you very much.

    I’m using your plugin now, but it has a small minuse. Please tell me if you repaired it in the future.


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