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This plugin is the second one from the series of correctional plugins after the Broken Images WordPress Plugin. It is designed to “fight” the broken UTF8 characters on your WordPress powered site. If do not understand what I am talking about, here is an example – you were inspecting to see something like this:

UTF8 Sanitize: Original UTF8 Characters

but after a while (usually after copying and pasting, and editing in general, well not always, but sometimes) it gets like:

UTF8 Sanitize: Broken UTF8 Characters

I’ve seen a lot of these errors these days, and recently on blogs that I like to read. Sometimes on the posts of my blog I need to quote these blocks, and pasting such broken code seems unacceptable. That’s how this plugin was born ;)

Install the UTF8 Sanitize WordPress plugin and you will be able to fight those ugly characters. Additionally, you can customize what actions you want to perform on them – either convert them to their original values once and for all by modifing your posts’ database, OR leave all your posts intact and instead convert the ugly chars each time a post is loaded (all these options are controlled from the WordPress admin panel).



  1. Download the installation archive and uncompress
  2. Upload the unarchived folder to your plugins directory (this is wp-content/plugins/)
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress administration panel (this is the Plugins page)
  4. Configure the plugin from the Options page in the WordPress administration panel
  5. That’s it ;)


Once you have the wp-broken-images plugin installed, you have two options for fighting the broken UTF8 characters:

  • Correct the chars when outputting the posts:
    Cook the posts output to convert the broken UTF8 characters into their correct values.
    This option will not change the contens of your posts.

  • Correct the chars when editing/saving the posts:
    Cook the posts before saving them to the databse by converting the broken UTF8 characters into their correct values.
    This option will change the contens of your posts.

Coming Soon

Here’s the list of future features:

  • offer a way to add custom fixes, something like original: xxxx, mutation: xxxx
  • add optional fixes based on different char-sets like Cyrillic, Norwegian, etc.
  • add a cron-based feature to crawl all the blog’s posts and comments, and fix all broken UTF8 chars (this is going to be useful for large blogs with already a lot of messed up UTF8 chars)


  • (October 15, 2007) A new release – version 0.5 is out!

    This new release features several more mutations (broken characters) added to the watch-list of the plugin.

  • (October 03, 2007) A new release – version 0.4 is out!

    This release features several more mutations (broken characters) added to the watch-list of the plugin.

  • (September 28, 2007) A new release – version 0.3 is out!

    This new release features several more mutations (broken characters) added to the watch-list of the plugin.

  • (September 27, 2007) A new release – version 0.2 is out!

    This release features several more mutations (broken characters) added to the watch-list of the plugin.

  • (September 20 2007) Bogomil’s idea – let’s give him a friendly push!

    One of the coolest guys in Bulgarian Open-Source Community, Programming Community, Nerd Community, Geek Community, IT Community, etc. – Bogomil Shopov – decided to win a SEO contest and give the prize for charity. Let’s give him a hand by placing this little link here: Яицазимитпо лъгуг

  • (September 20, 2007) The page for the plugin si done!

    The wonderful page you are reading right now to help you
    deal with this plugin is out.

  • (September 18, 2007) The first release – version 0.1 is out!

    The first release of this plugin is out, hosted on Google Code.


Submit all your comments and bitter remarks in the comments form below. Good luck with the UTF8 Sanitize WordPress Plugin! If you think you can handle Google Code, go and submit the bugs you’ve found (if any), and the ideas you have about improving this WordPress plugin at the Issue Tracker:

Or, use the feedback form for this plugin at WordPress.org:

70 мнения за “UTF8 Sanitize WordPress Plugin Homepage”

  1. Wow, finally a plugin that works! Now my only problem is I have to fix my posts, does enabling the ‘saving posts’ option mean I have to manually edit and save all 380 posts on my blog?

  2. I have trouble getting this plugin to work here on WP3. Do you know more about when the new version will be ready?

  3. I have to test it, but in general what’s the problem with WP3 – is the plugin crashing, or it is not working, or … what ? Please be more specific.

  4. Oh sorry, this isn’t WP3 after all. I recently updated a few other sites to WP3, so then I thought this Site was too. But no, this blog is running WP2.7.1.
    The Problem is that if I enable ‘Outputting Posts’ in the Options Page, this setting is not saved. If I reload the Options Page again the tick before ‘Outputting Posts’ is gone. So it seems I can’t get that activated.

  5. Found another method:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, "Ã¥", "å");

  6. Hi

    Your plugin definitely solve my website problem but only if I choose the first option ‘Correct the chars when editing/saving the posts’, it’s not working though.

    I have another issue, the title that appears on the browser’s tab, my website head is showing the weird characters as well. Title bar if I’m not wrong. I’ve already edit the my website title description but it’s still showing that weird character. Can you advise how to fix it?

    Secondly, that version in phpriot.com, I just copy the code and convert it into php using notepad, right?

    Thanks again for your plugin.

  7. Ok, I figure out how to fix the title header.

    The code in phpriot,com, one just need to copy it into notepad and change the extension to php, is that right?


  8. I figure out how to convert the plugin in phpriot.com
    But even with that latest version, I still have to use the first option to resolve the UTF 8 problem.

  9. @Mrasnika and @Sp0nky : Thanks to both of you.

    @ Everyone – Yes, just simply copy paste the full new code (full – do not miss ?> at the end!),

    1. Go to Installed Plugins > UTF8 Sanitize > Click Edit > Select all the code and delete (wp-utf8-sanitize/wp-utf8-sanitize.php) > Paste the new > Click Update file.

    2. A minor thing –  is not leaving (for me) those more odds are eradicated though – http://thecustomizewindows.com/2011/08/cloud-hosting-for-wordpress-blog-why-we-need-to-think-about-it/ ; there were more odd chars there, those are gone now. Probably I have to make the hand dirty with PhpMyAdmin…still thanks to both of you. There are two versions of  – with space and without!

    3. Seems that Google crawler always reads rightly the meta and content, it does not matter odds are in or not. Its painful for the readers though.

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